Twitter? or rubbish chat room?

I know that many disagree with me on the Twitter thing, and it may well be that I am being completely thick. I am sure that it has great value for some – but not me. I used to use the geek chat rooms in 1997 to get help from anyone around the world, at any time of day or night – who lurked in chatrooms that were helpfully titled – so that I could find the expert I needed at 4am, with 6am US deadline looming.

Chatrooms got taken over by desperate housewives/singles/blah and the geeks retreated once more. Now we have Twitter – it is a chatroom, but a bad one – where you can:

1. Choose who is in the room (but not know whether they are there or not)

2. Be un-moderated

I do miss the geek help at 4am, but Twitter is not the answer for me. A well organised piece of chat software that kept out the ‘daters’ would be perfect.

Twitter seems to be a great place to read the stream of consciousness of great bloggers you admire; and survives on its ‘cool club’ status – I really don’t think this is sustainable.

I do realise that many people will look on me with complete disdain for having this opinion.

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  1. I’m not sure I agree twitter is for geeks. One of the things I liked was that I managed to get my non-geek friends on there using it a few days after I started using it. This is very rare.
    Now people who haven’t even heard of twitter appreciate it (or hate it), as my updates go into facebook.
    Even my Mum likes it, as my iChat status is updated by twitter, so she sees my name, and my status, with very little clue about why, but that doesn’t matter.

    Anyway, all the geeks are still hiding on IRC and mailing lists.

    I think you and me have a different measurement of ‘cool club’ status.

    Personally, I love twitter because it constantly lets me know that people in far away places are still alive and well. I do care when so and so makes a particularly good cup of tea. These things really are important.
    But that’s just one of the things that I make it. It’s as flexible as 140 characters…

  2. James – you make me feel ancient!! As Steve Moore would say, somethings work for some people some of the time, but I take your points… can you show me where the geeks are?

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  4. I still cant get the point.

    unless you are a pervert or a stalker why would you follow someone you dont know and unless you are desperate for attention why would you want strangers to follow you.

    Facebook and mobile texts are adequate to keep family and freinds updated on where you are and what you are doing. Professionals and thought provokers – well they have blogs which allow depper more complex thinking.

    Twitter makes no sense, probably good for adolescents and advertisers and scammers.

    my verdict- unsustainable and gone in a few years

  5. Twitter is technology going backwards.. if Twitter came from 1982 (which it easily could have technology-wise, but not mass-accessibly trend-wise, then 50+ member live chat rooms would be all the pooh. you know what I’m getting at.

    The same people who use twitter and facebook are the same people who would call someone a social failure/loser/etc for even the mere notion of “talking to people on the internet”, not to mention using full names and not handles. This is as backward as it gets.

  6. Google Wave is one of the many new hangouts of the Geeks to have a more asynchronous conversation in public or in private. There are others – I will keep those a secret 😉

  7. I must be totally dense or lacking in some way, but I have found Twitter to be of zero value to me!

    On the other hand, I do find forums of great value. For fun, I enjoy public chatrooms as well, especially those in Spanish since that is my native language. Greetings from Mexico!!

  8. Hmm, the thing is it takes dedication to get the value. The right followers, the right people to follow – time to test what you want to learn and share – it is not a quick win, like a chat room, but becomes a valued one once you have taken the time to work at it.

  9. Only just saw this post and didn’t notice that it was a top post rather than a new post. So what do you think now? I’m finding that more and more non-geeky people are coming on to twitter and starting to talk about professional stuff – a bit. They aren’t talking just about social media because they mightn’t even really use that term. They don’t have blogs but I can direct them to mine and get them to engage in a conversation there. Hopefully they will start their own blog because I completely agree that this is the best way to have a conversation and really learn stuff. Ta!

  10. Back in a previous comment ( November ’09) I shared my own ‘Why I don’t Like Twitter’ , and for the most part I stand by it. But I’m obligated to admit one instance I found it useful that I never would’ve thought of before:

    I’m a bit of a weather-geek, and I thought it was a handy medium to watch one of Chicago’s top weathermen update his feed as our Blizzard unfolded over the course of a couple days, as opposed to digging through outdated news articles on the same subject. He has a weather blog as well, but that’s better for the whole story, after-the-fact.

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