Humility – I don’t really know… and yet more Twitter

The more observant of you will have noticed that I have taken off the strap-line – Queen of social media, and the page: What is Web 2.0? The reason for the former is that the strapline was given to me by my husband – who built this site for me – because I know more than he does on what is happening in this space, and – to him – I am the fount of all knowledge. (Easy to see why ;)). However, I am far from being the ‘queen of social media’… ’nuff said

I removed the What is Web 2.0? page because I actually don’t know. And so many other people are explaining it better than I can, but I won’t link to any of them, because, quite frankly, it is incubating and therefore there is no definitive answer. Best bet? Google the question and see what you get.

So… what do I have to say? Well, I can share learnings with you.

twitter: my bug-bear

Having created, deleted and re-created my twitter account; slated it here and talked incessantly about it with all who will listen… I have started to understand how it could be used/useful. If you bear with me, I will share with you some of the links that help me understand this media.

social media in government

I am involved in what is happening in the Foreign Office (yes, that includes twitter!) but also watching what is happening elsewhere. I will capture what I can for you – however, you might like to use Simon Dickson’s natty tool for what is happening in the blogosphere:


I will take you on this little journey with me, and try to gather together the stuff that makes sense – to me at least – for you to read. I do rely heavily on the bloggers and ‘real people’ who get this stuff, but I will resist listing them here as (again) the experts vary from week to week. (legal bit: I will not nick stuff, I will ensure that I give credit where it is due!)

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  1. but if you’re not going to be the QOSM – and how could you not, it’s just harmless word-play, now isn’t it?! – then someone else will be… and that wouldn’t feel too good would it? get it back up there and see it as a target…

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