The new Foreign and Commonwealth website

As you all know, I have been involved in the development of the new Foreign and Commonwealth (FCO) website – – looking pretty lovely right now.

Many of you have asked me why I have not blogged the ‘launch’, or switch over, from the old to new site… well, because actually my role had little to do with it. Not that I am not proud of what has been achieved, rather it is not right for me to lay any claim to it at all!

I did do last minute frantic CMS work for a week; however, I was hired to ensure that the 220 posts around the world knew what we were doing, understood what they had to do and felt as if they were a part of this big change.

This does not warrant me doing a big HAZZAH!! when the new site goes live

It is not me being myopic, I just do not feel as if it is exactly my place.

However, the e-media team at the FCO have given blood, sweat and tears to make this happen, and they deserve the plaudits.

Go say something nice 🙂 there were many 1am moments in producing this site


6 responses

  1. I think the new website is great. I particularly like the way a traditional ‘push’ marketing site (pushing travel advice and policy thoughts onto readers) has been transformed into one that truely engages readers. A step ahead of where many (most?) corporate sites are. I wrote about this earlier today on our blog:

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  3. Well done Emma, whatever hand you had in it!
    It is a site that works well and is easy to find what you are looking for – well worth the effort and late nights. (Hope us Twitterers helped you through!)

    Here’s to your next one!

  4. Paul, you twitterers kept me sane but I am not sure I passed that on to the rest of the e-media team! I REALLY did not have much to do with the success of this site – I am a very small cog in a very large machine. But I am proud of what everyone achieved and want to highlight how much personal effort and dedication has been bled into this by the FCO e-media team. Quite outstanding stuff… granted the late nights were shared by all 🙂 (including you!)

  5. thank you for all the nice comments about our lovely new site! I’m the head of the fco e-media team and this project has been my baby for the last 3 years. emma did a great job in the team, particularly at the last hurdle for which i’m most grateful. we will be launching our new embassy websites over the next 6 months and i will point you in their direction when they live.

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