The power of silence

I am away for a week visiting Tom and so will not be pondering on here for a bit.

However, what I will be working on, in my head, will be understanding why I love the Puccino’s sugar sachet sayings so much, in particular: pour coffee into sachet

I feel as if there is some really brilliant reason why I love this over-stating the obvious and in my down-time, I am going to think about it!

Feel free to witter away here, I shall be back after the 8th April 2008.

Have fabulous lives in the mean time

One response

  1. Guess you won’t see this untill you return, however in my stpidity I hadn’t realised all the printing you were doing was the messages you were taking to Tom. I left mine on the justicefortom blog after you had left. I hope others are able to get these messages to him.

    Emma, you are doing a job more worthwhile than you could possibly imagine!

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