Bills to pay – Bills paid

I have spent the day rather luxuriously sorting out my study, which had become a dumping ground for ironing, stuff we had not unpacked from November 2006 when we moved in… and shoes.

I threw out three bags of rubbish, filed the business stuff that I am legally required to keep (in the shed), and ruthlessly sorted until I found the nirvana that is the study now: a bachelor-esque space, free of clutter… it is heaven (I am so sad).

During this process I recycled another two bags of paper, something my dear Oli has written about today here.

I have to admit to two rather large piles of paper now reclining on the dining table waiting for attention. I need to get them into three piles:

  1. Bills to pay
  2. Bills paid (therefore filing – at some point at the weekend)
  3. HMRC/business stuff that is too important to sit in the shed

It is so simple and I know that I will have done it by midday tomorrow.

This got me thinking… yikes not again

My online working life is so flipping complicated. I run three businesses, am a partner in another two, play in about three business sandpits, mentor two children, willingly throw myself into social media play-pens and fulfil the contracts I am paid to complete. (Bill – both Edwards and Reay – this does not necessarily reflect the order of importance/attention…).

I also over-promise on all sorts of other stuff I want to do voluntarily but really struggle to find the time (Internationale – apologies, I will get there).

The only complication is the online management – I can run it all off-line no problem, but I have no online time left! Notwithstanding the two daughters and husband (parents, friends, Tom) – I warned you this had no particular order.

My online life is a complete mess.

I update:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Flickr

I check:

  • WordPress – for comments and stats (yeah vanity)
  • Gmail
  • Webmail

I write:

  • Justice for Tom
  • Emma Mulqueeny
  • Linkedin

To do all of the above requires more hours in the day than are provided, if you are to also have a family life, fun, and rest. The obvious conclusion is that I need to sort the rest of my working life into a ‘to do’ and ‘done’ category, with an ongoing online/mental tray for ‘stuff’.

So… I need to be as ruthless as I have been in my study.

Bear with me whilst I work through this. Essential stuff:

  1. email (gmail and webmail) – comms
  2. justicefortom – soul/friendship
  3. emma mulqueeny – work

I guess the rest is optional. So in order of importance, if I have time, I will attend to the following:

  1. Twitter – people I do not know but respect are here and I have a line to them that I cannot ignore
  2. WordPress – if people are commenting on the posts I write then I will respond and learn)
  3. Facebook and Flickr – worth checking as some good friends and colleagues here who use this as primary comms route
  4. Linkedin – my CV – needs to be up to date

This all looks doable. And sitting in my heavenly study, I am committing to this order of priority.

Of course my family comes first, but right now I am dedicating my days to family, and evenings to ‘work’. You will find no value in me expressing how I juggle my family life, but perhaps this order of service will help some of you in the same position as me.

Good luck everyone! Bet you cannot wait for me to go back to work in May…

5 responses

  1. Great read. Thanks.
    A piece of software called Thinking Rock helps clear the head, set priorities and generate a list of things to do. It helps me ditch, delegate, etc… It is though another demand, best used regularly.

  2. ‘I also over-promise on all sorts of other stuff I want to do voluntarily but really struggle to find the time’

    I’m so glad it’s not just me!

    I’m on a quest to discover the ultimate ‘cure’ for sleep so I can work on personal projects through the night… (although this quest is a loooong way down the to-do list)


  3. Apologise… Ah come on, mate. Pas de problem. We’re all in the same on/off, family/work, virtual/real, information/story, relationship/acquaintance set of oppositions… time for a bit of deconstruction.

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