A bit creaky

I woke up this morning a bit creaky on my right hand side, knee, hip (1971 before you ask :)), tired, slightly disappointed in the weather and generally a bit put out. Firing up the computer I get the latest in what has become a stream of people emailing me about Tom.

Now I may sound a bit like an old drum, beating annoyingly in the back of your sub-conscious, however there are a great number of you who are desperate to do something to help. (Once again, for those of you not following the fascinating life of Emma Mulqueeny, go here for more info.)

Clearly my rather bleak mood this morning pales into insignificance next to whatever Tom is waking up to today, in fact I know what Tom is waking up to today, I have seen it. And he has no choice. I know he will be being unfailingly polite to anyone he comes across, and will go about his day quietly coping (it is the weekend therefore he gets no visitors). You see where I am going here.

A few of you have posted here and on justicefortom.com, offering all kinds of help and support, equally as frustrated as I am. More of you have emailed me personally, buoyed by the idea that we can now create a force for Tom, rather than just the quest for justice… ha! (Sorry that was just a small explosion of anger).

Problem is, the force for Tom I mentioned a few posts back, is in my head. I am as helpless as the rest of you, angry, frustrated, pretty sure that I should be making more of an effort.

So… there must be something we can do. I WANT you to come up with ideas, however barking, on how we can bring joy into Tom’s days, support Sally Dudmesh, support Lord and Lady D, highlight the fact that Tom is still on remand. If you prefer to email me directly, that’s cool.

Right, off to walk the dog – lucky me, eh?


One response

  1. Putting it all into perspective again emma!
    Still nagged by a bad friday (which you bore the brunt of, but helped me through) but this got me thinking of parallels.
    Obviously toms situation is a million times worse than my meeting on friday as i have a choice.. a basic right tom is denied.

    Two suggestions.
    Raise awareness. Facebook group, causes app and simply acknowledging the case on our blogs and blog posts on others blogs. I am trying this.
    Direct action. Writing to people that can take it to the right level. Who emma? Or using the facebook badger app. Its on my page.

    Little steps. But i am thinking of his case everyday. Work can wait.

    Finally. 1971? What does 1965 make of then?

    Stay strong and stay focused. It will work.

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