For those of you Miliband-ites

A friend of mine has kindly sent me the following re Newsnight 7th May:

Tonight Jeremy will be talking to the Foreign Secretary David Miliband live in the studio after he delivers what promises to be a radical speech on transforming Britain into a low-Carbon economy.

He argues that this is the only solution to the problems of spiralling energy and food prices as well as water shortages.

But will the shift to low carbon economy mean difficult decisions for all of us – especially the government – about how we live our lives?

If you have a question you’d like to put to David Miliband on this, or any other issue relevant to the Foreign Secretary, then please let us know.

When we’ve put this request to you before regarding other guests, there have been murmurs of discontent when questions haven’t made it to air. This time, as well as answering some of your questions on the programme, the Foreign Secretary has kindly agreed to respond to several more via
the Newsnight blog tomorrow morning.

Click here to post your question:

I shall certainly be watching – um trying not to drool – but I know some of you who have burning questions.

Off ye go

PS cannot let you go without sharing this little piece of joy just the picture, mind you

3 responses

  1. The man was an absolute genius on Newsnight tonight (even had Paxman up on the ropes a couple of times!).

    What I like is someone within the Cabinet tackling these truly thorny issues, maybe difficult to swallow, but talking about actions we all need to give serious head room to before it is to late for us and for our children. Seriously folks – this is NOT a dress rehersal for the real Earth and our real life !

    Please take note of DM …. now off to read the report.
    (and thanks to Em for this notification) – although I have to agree, your crush IS unhealthy!)

  2. watfordgap is right about his ability to handle paxo by trying harder than most to be honest (rather than factually accurate – that tired reserve of scared politicians) . I wonder of Britain can elect someone so apparently poltico/geeky. At least he looks unlikley to lose his hair and has a few years for the public to adapt.

    Same age as me mind.

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