China… it’s a bit odd

I know that I have been a bit noisy online today, but this item was shared on my Reader and it was too intriguing to leave. The questions it raises about the online community alone, sitting uncomfortably alongside the presentation which Jeremy Labram popped up on this blog in the comments:

{before I ponder…


For implementation details please call Online Propaganda Bureau (0551-2606017) – if only our own politicians were so brave!}

I … no… words fail me… bit cr*p for a post, I know.

Is it possible to control the web to this extent? Sure you can close down state-run sites, or request that a period of mourning is respected on all sites hosted in China, but – do we really only surf/utilise sites in our own country? Have I missed the bit that meant that the firewall of China was so effective it kept out the whole of the rest of the ex-China web world?

I am not sure why I find this so disturbing and hard to comprehend, but I do.

*Emma opens self to world-wide derision for naivety/stupidity* Not that I care, I just would like to understand it, and know whether the rest of us should be taking note of such actions.

2 responses

  1. Em, some things are just so huge that they command and deserve this kind of action. Yes we should take note.

    You posting this and us stopping and thinking like this is good. It is just so easy to switch the TV off and enter a pretend online world; however think of the people of that region that can’t switch off and escape the destruction. Tens of thousands dead, 5 million displaced.

    Mourning will never bring someone back from the dead, but it helps the healing process, which is something all people need to do when they lose a loved one in any circumstance.

    Whilst people will not be forced to renounce entertainment for three days they will have that option removed to think elsewhere … as you learnt on Saturday – Secular Sabbath what a good idea and something we could usefully do to think of China, Burma ….

  2. yes emma, they have this level of control. courtesy of non-Chinese suppliers building that great firewall/monitoring system (yahoo et al). Ain’t perfect but good enough to strike fear. yes, you’re right to be disturbed – just look at how Viscount Linley’s name was kept out of our press + UK web to see how it could happen here.

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