Tom again: message from Sally

Dear Friends of Tom,

The last 2 years has brought me a new awareness of the well being of prisoners in Kenya and of the people held in remand for years waiting for their trial to be heard.  Tom and I are now advocates for prison reform and want to help make positive changes.

We are working with an established charity in Kenya called “PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO”.   Prisoners Are People Too is part of a wider amazing charity called The Father Grols’ Welfare Project.  Prisoners Are People Too is managed by Brother Linus who makes frequent working visits to Kamiti and prisons around Kenya.  He is trying hard to help ensure the human rights of Kenyan prisoners.  As it says on the charity’s website……
“The projects main purpose is in the rehabilitation of offenders and attitude change of prisons officers and covers the entire 94 prison stations in Kenya.
We aim at ensuring the inmates gain self respect, improved esteem , empowerment and capacity to live as good citizens.”

Please see the charity’s website –

We and the charity have a list of things we would like to work towards.

The first thing is to buy pipes for the existing borehole at Kamiti prison so we can get running water to 4000 inmates (at the moment  they only get an occasional bucket if the mains are working).  We have a quote of 75,000 shillings – £650 to sort this problem out.

There needs to be reform of the work available to prisoners beyond heavy industry at 10cents a day.  We have a plan for inmates to make handmade greeting cards to earn money to buy extra food, soap and send something home to their families who they can no longer support. We will supply paints and card.  I will help organize the sales.

In the longer term if the authorities can respond and cooperate, we would like to help:
– to improve the visiting area where you get 15 minutes behind thick dark wire and have to yell at the top of your voice. This area is so dirty and where most diseases spread ie typhoid.
– to improve the library and learning facilities, ie computers
– to improve the diet of inmates
– to get pay phones in all the blocks
– to get a limit on time people can be held in remand

In the beginning we will focus on Kamiti where Tom is held but eventually to spread our wings further to the other prisons in Kenya.

If anybody wishes to get involved with our project send donations to:
Brother Linus’ charity PEOPLE ARE PRISONERS TOO
bank details…………..

ACC NO. 034-270682708

I was with Tom today and he was miserable as he had not been able to wash for 4 days so to get the bore hole pipes working would be a wonderful achievement.

Sally Dudmesh

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