All change – help please!

A few posts ago I exlained how I had managed to reduce my Google Reader feed to five. Some of you did point out to me privately that that was hardly the point and that GR will handle everything for me, but I loved it and it has been superb to actually be able to follow everything my five chosen bloggers were writing about.

Now, though, I thought it might be an idea to swop them. You lot are always telling me about great bloggers whom I should read, so chuck some at me, I will still keep to five, but it would be lovely to have five totally random ones from your suggestions.

Subject matter can be anything at all, I don’t care 🙂

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday

PS Sorry… Tom is back in court on Monday for those of you watching

13 responses

  1. Jeremy, does it matter? If you duplicate then I will replace… am off now camping with my daughters so not able to respond straight away over BH weekend.

    I feel that my initial five are very personal to me and I am loath to share them… sorry 😦

    Thank you David for your suggestions 🙂

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