My daughter writes…

This is my post please don’t laugh its my first one

Hi everybody my name is Jess (daughter of emma), and no i am not famous and no i do not star on eastenders, i am a 10 yr old girl who loves the internet!

Now there are a few boffins at my school that do it for homework and interesting facts about pigeons doesnt it sound fun….NO it doesnt. One of the websites i enjoy is called “polyvore” now your all probably wondering what the cheese is polyvore! But dont fret because i am gonna tell you all about it, first all the basic stuff on polyvore you make sets out of random things,like clothes or sports or even mermaids and fairies! anything you want it has a little white box and you type in “fish” or anything and you will get a few pictures of fish now i know it sounds fun already BUT theres more. Members of polyvore can comment on your sets and you can comment on theirs! and you can add people as your contacts,which means on your homepage there will be a thingy saying contacts sets and underneath it shows you their new sets! you can add your own pictures just by installing the “polyvore clipper” once you have added them you can use them in sets, one of my sets are based on “geeks you can see if you like !!! just type in and you will see it if you want the website its self, go to BUT there is only one rule about polyvore (i have a serious face on) ……HAVE FUN!!!! i am very sorry but i have to go and make a new set on polyvore BUT chilax maybe my mum will let me write a post bloggy thingymabob again see ya bye !!!!

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  1. Hi Jess
    Wow – you take after your Mum!
    That is a great post and already you have got the hang of social media … its all about comments and conversations and having fun.

    The great thing is that there are social media webs for people of all ages.
    Enjoy yourself on Polyvore and like you say – Have FUN!

    Emma – be proud, be very proud!


  2. Hey Jess

    Cool (I hope that word is still in use – it’s… well, cool) post. Hope you’re Mum has pointed you in the direction of some of the consultations that are working with younger people to try and make a bit of a difference. Not sure if it’s you’re thing – you probably fall somewhere in the middle of what they’re trying to do. Anyway – the links are:

    Be interested to hear what you think.

    Also interested when your mum will be posting on your blog – once you start you can’t stop you know!

  3. chilax the word cool s still a big hit (last time i checked) and i would be hapy to comment on those things/links and if u want me to write another one beg my mummy!!!

  4. Jess

    Feel free to email me for the address of your nearest social services department if your mother ever again hits the red wine and forces you to write her blog for her.

  5. Emma … you are a legend !

    Jess … you have a fab Mum !

    Can you write her blog all the time … I think your ideas about work in the government might make more sense … 😉

    Hey Jess … tell the prime minister what he should do on his YouTube video!


  6. Double points for using “chilax” – excellent work, young Jess. Polyvore is very sweet indeed, but there aren’t really enough boy things to use. More guns and explosions, I say. Have you seen Animoto? – also very cool.

    Though, everyone knows the best site in the world is (requires sound). Oh yes. Yes indeed.

  7. about the not too much stuff for boys, there is you just install the polyvore clipper and download any pictures you want and no i have not seen Animoto

  8. Hang on, hang on. Before everyone gets Polyvore’ing, Polyvored? Polly wants a cracker? Could some one please tell me, what is this “internet” thing Jess mentioned? It has something to do with pigeons?

  9. Of course you’ve done it now Emma… Polyvore is going to be overrun with 40-something web geeks claiming cred because a cool 10 year-old pointed them towards it. I reckon the truth is you’ve found a REALLY cool site and are putting us all off the scent by sending us to Polyvore. Smart move.

  10. great to learn something new – thank you Jess. Lots of people are really impressed with you and I’m busy trying to get some more geeky glasses!
    I’m also quite new to this internet thingy and you’ll find the best help ever from your mum who helps lots of our first steps.

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