The problem with social media – there’s no cash to be made… so what?!!

So much has come from the last GovBarCamp in the UK public sector, believe you me – blimey, even DJ Collins from Google came to the last Heads of ecomms meeting. However, if we are to do it again – we need to do it better. The reasons I heard for why some people did not turn up were:

  • I did not know about it
  • It was a weekend and I could not leave the family

The first problem is easily solved, let’s give it a longer lead and a greater audience. The second is also exciting, bring the family. As I have shown here, people were interested in what my daughter had to say. This may not be appropriate for all of our proteges, they may be too young, our partners not so keen, but this is not insurmountable.

The problem with social media is that there is no money to be made, so people tend to off-set the value of their time spent at events against time with family or friends. But this then counts out some realy cool people that we know about – and some that we might not.

I propose a reconvene of the last BarCamp, in say October/November – somewhere where children and partners can come too and join in. A festival – with toilets.

Hopefully I will generate a small group of willing people here to help me move this on from a musing to a happening – but I think it has legs.

Let’s not forget that the kids we have are the future users of anything we try to change, and our other halves have more than a vested interest in what we are doing.

If we cannot make cash, let’s create a movement for change.

15 responses

  1. October/November. Better be an indoor festival then! πŸ™‚

    I like the idea, it’s social networking after all and if we are going to start the shift away from “engagement as engineering” to “engagement as entrepreneurship” then we we need to start being more agile in how we do this kind of thing.

    I’m very happy to join the Worker’s Soviet to make this happen.

    We could use the small workers to build or test a website like the DCSF childs play initiative.

  2. Yeah was thinking that… can we have a conversation spa?!! Or be die hard and just pitch tonnes of tents. Need someone with a stately home and lots of fields!

  3. Alas the number of stately home owners amongst my friends is small, and we burnt down all the ones back home.

    Well there’s always the Tower of London or one of our other palaces. If we went for Hampton Court then the small workers could spend the day chasing deer through Bushey Park.

  4. From the rather large number of emails sent to my gmail on this, I am getting the impression that you all would prefer us to discuss this elsewhere other than here πŸ™‚ No drama… I shall post up here as we progress for those of you who are just watching.

  5. Hey you! πŸ˜‰ I think the assumption that people are less inclined to give their free time to the project if there is no money to be made is a touch unfair. Also, why on earth do you assume that our kids give a **** about improving the UK government? Maybe they have far more civic minded interests πŸ™‚

    Anyway – I’d love to come along to another one – I missed the first precisely because of family commitments.

    Good for you and Jeremy and crew for doing it again!

  6. Lee… er take your point πŸ™‚ they could not give a flying whatever IMHO, these kids of ours, but we can watch how they communicate online and what they are interested in, to try to ensure that they do not miss out on the stuff they need to know.

    As in any parent/child relationship we need to guide, and I for one am quite concerned about our legacy. So if all I can do is to highlight the areas that concern me, that is enough. (But if government did this in a BB way, I wold be annoyed!)


    Looking forward to meeting you

  7. Well before it all goes darkweb let me just say that I am pondering on a gig for our sponsored bodies in the autumn where we’ll have DirectGov and BusinessLink along with others. The aim is to do it in very much unmeeting/barcamp stylee so we might be able to help with funding for this event if we invite our sponsored bodies along. And their children of course. πŸ™‚

  8. Well we’re going to be doing cool stuff too!

    Convergence/rationalisation are not major topics for us, it’s more about how we can use some of the cool new ideas of people like BusinessLink such as podcasts for entrepreneurs to support things like the Creative Economy. But that’s another discussion for another drink.

    We will be doing social media and web, a lot of our sponsored bodies are doing cool things here, for one or the Museum of London on Facebook. And I am also thinking about a big strand on collaboration as it’s a very hot topic at the mo.

  9. Dave, you are right, yes, I was just posturing over here about the invite list and attendees. Liking Mark’s offer – can we drag you over there Mark?

  10. shock horror

    the scots are hoping to do a barcamp and had hoped it could be in edinburgh in october

    would it p**s everyone off – would you come to both

    we thought of a friday in the town and you could bring friends, family and pets as i am sure they will all have a contribution to make

    emma – i am down in london on july 2 and have asked jeremy to a demo of a software that might well be the one behind the fco ( as the company has them as a beta )

    would you want to come along ?

    alex dot stobart at btinternet dot com if you care to get in touch

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