Update on the Government web guidelines

I owe you all an apology now. After having got you all excited about how we could be able to help with the consultation process on the guidelines on:

  • minimum standards for web metrics
  • metadata

I am afraid that they are now ‘in preparation’.

And the other really exciting one:

  • using social media

Is now just ‘coming soon’



Link: http://www.coi.gov.uk/guidance.php?page=188

6 responses

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  2. Jeremy, as I said on your blog… http://tinyurl.com/66a6yn not sure why this is so bothering, but it is.

    Ben, I can find no obvious explanation for: ‘coming soon’ and ‘in preparation’ – I do find it hard to believe that these are not long-deliberated terms, however they do seem to have no official meaning, as opposed to ‘in consultation’.

    This could be good news, they could be about to come out, as it were…

    @ COI and Cabinet Office: PLEASE! We mean no harm, we are nice, honestly

  3. Just been reading the other posts across the blogosphere about this stuff and scratching my head as to why there has been no response anywhere to this, other than changing the status of the guidance documents.

    Um, is it really wrong of me to have a little chuckle that there is no response because the guidance on how to engage online is not yet.. er… anything? This is ridiculous – it is not earth-shattering stuff here, guys, it is standards and guidelines for web use and social media, with a bit of measurement thrown in. It will not double the price of petrol, nor affect the person on the street (in any way they will actively notice enough to get voting).

    Someone, please, have a small reality check here. We all want the same thing, we are all talking about what is trying to be achieved, the resounding silence risks accusations of ignorance (ignore-ance).

    I really, really do not want that to happen. Our spirit is willing… use us!

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  5. What _really_ worries me about the COI site is the result you get when to search for ‘RSS’ or ‘syndication’ – try it – very, very worrying.


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