Emma Mulqueeny welcomes the social media guidelines…

Small dance for joy! They are here http://tinyurl.com/5naylg but this is what the front page synopsis says, and this says it all:

I am a civil servant

Principles for participation online

  1. Be credible
  2. Be consistent
  3. Be responsive
  4. Be integrated
  5. Be a civil servant

8 responses

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  3. I think those guidelines are spot on. After all, that’s the way you should attempt to conduct your online presence regardless of whether or not you are a civil servant: it’s being honest, open, willing to listen, and professional in attitude.

    And that’s the ideal approach for everyone to be taking…

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  5. I might query ‘constructive’ not being a “Be constructive” rather than simply associated with the word criticism. It seems to me that these loose collaborative communities need to always movinf the debate, or the synthesis, or the ‘flow’ forward.

    Yours constructively,


  6. Jeremy (we need to have lunch and catch up) I agree, it is v ambiguous, constructive criticism is very difficult to define. I hear a rumour that these guidelines are going to be put on a wiki for everyone to play with. if this happens I will let you know

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