Crikey: two posts in one night… (pass the Nytol) – and the Moo card

At the Interesting ’08 conference, I chatted with various people about business cards, now commonly known as Moo Cards.

DT was saying that he uses his as a random testing environment, just grabbing one or two and trying to imagine what that person would think about a particular point, or proposition. (Interesting)

There was a proposition about developing new Moo cards, but in Top Trumps stylee – quite liking that one.

I thought: I have hundreds of Moo cards, why don’t I just play Russian Roulette with them all and ‘blind date’ groups 🙂

I could select six random cards right now, inform them and send their owners off for supper – for no reason whatsoever – except that there will be a commonality, because they will all have been at something I have been at.

Won’t do this of course, am too ‘bizzy’… but I will ponder

You could though, unconference-moo card roulette… let the games founder

Well let’s do something: I can take a photo of my Moo wall?

3 responses

  1. I’ve thought of similar things with blogs to be honest: your blog will have a lot of readers for which the common factor may only be that they read your blog. Of course, it’s easier to identify those people who comment rather than just the readers, but you can have the opportunity to play games with ’em: I had a Christmas blogswap where a few of us posted guest content on one anothers blogs.

    …but the idea of playing with business cards isn’t one that had occurred to me before. But I also like the Top Trumps idea… “financial power 7, dullness 16, corporate-speak 8, pretend wackiness 2”

  2. I like the idea of guest blogging – Jessica is my only guest so far. The Top Trumps thing is superb, h/t everyone in the garden opposite Conway Hall discussing it 🙂 Hmm. Must have a think about how the Moo card shuffle might work

  3. Hmm, my current box of Moo cards is almost empty so Top Trumps sounds a winner to me, but remember values can only be 0-9.

    I can feel a working party coming on to define a Top Trumps taxonomy for CIOs.

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