Interesting ’08 – the stuff that stuck :)

Russell Davies pulled off another fabulous conference, in the presence of his much saluted son Arthur (I might win brownie points with Russell for mentioning him) :). My mind is so full of ‘stuff’, I feel as if I have run a marathon: my stomach is aching from laughing, my head is pounding from the electric guitar guy and 30 recorders.

Many, many people will be blogging this in detail (they took notes, I just listened and took tonnes of photos – you can wade through them here).

But here are the words that capture the bits of the day I remember most (in no order at all):

  • Roo Reynolds and his lego collection
  • Rocking out to live electric guitar alongside some cool graphic art/sleeve covers with Michael Johnson
  • Sightly disturbed by the mask guy
  • Wondering about the practicalities of actually racing an asparagus picker – but actually the presentation was about this fabby plaything:
  • Wondering whether Last FM plan on doing anything with the four part harmony, 30 recorder players/blowers (dragged from the audience – recorders sponsored by The Guardian :))
  • Thinking about how I can pimp Lloyd and his ukelele out to summer parties
  • Blown away by the animation director: Jim le Fevre who turned his record player into a zoetrope – that was utterly, utterly brilliant – go find the video when it is loaded up – storming work
  • The geography guy was superb – Daniel Raven-Ellison: and
  • A geophysical survey of the world of warcraft – I am so sorry, this was brilliant but I cannot remember the bloke’s name – damn that

Notably, James Houston presented his Big Ideas (don’t get any) film which he made for his degree, passing with a first: graduating yesterday.

I leave you with this, from James (enjoy)

OMG forgot the coin guy – he designed the back (B-side) of the latest coins – the designs are all part of one picture, you can try to create it by checking out the reverse of tonnes of coins…

Oh and the girl in ribbons talking about Churchill – she was good.

I can’t tell you everything, just go next year 🙂

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  1. Ah but Nick, the joy of being us is that we can keep pressing refresh on Google and eventually Russell – or someone – will have uploaded video of the day, with the Interesting ’08 tag and everyone can enjoy… consider this a trailer 🙂 but go next year.

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  3. I am James Wallis and a few weeks ago I trapped Roo in a cafe with the extended 12″ dance-remix of the World of Warcraft talk, so he remembers me.

    I should have identified myself to you better, not least because of your interest in business cards. As I’m a game consultant, mine has a game printed on the back–a game about business cards. If you’re interested &tc.

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