My daughter writes… again :)

guess what, I’m back ! its Jess the polyvore person.

today i decided i was gonna write about this online game called ToonTown (i know, it sounds so cool!) i don’t know why i am writing about it but it looks like i just am. Now i am gonna tell you the 411 about ToonTown, if you want a proper membership you have to pay 😦 but trust me its worth it, i especially like toonTown because i can play games and talk (computer wise) to my cousin ….who lives in Australia!!! so i can like communicate with him when he’s on the other side of the world 🙂 {Mum: she can actually go and find him in ToonTown and they can play together}

Moving on the website is called Toontown because when you create your characters they are all cartoons you can have a Pluto head with mickymouse ears or whatever and there are different destinations in the “Toon World” where you can go and its all cartoon.

The games are totally cool, my favorite one has to be the maze you have to collect little gold stars through it and try and get to the middle without bumping into (gulp) the enemies those horrible metal robots try to take over toontown but it’s soooooo fun trying to defeat them with (drum roll) GAGS! yes little prank tools that the cogs (evil enemies) hate ! you have to buy them with the stars you collect and then you attack the cogs, BUT they can use their own evil tools against you so you have to be careful BUT that’s not the big thing, the big thing is when you invade their buildings……..To be continued…………..immediat

ely. Sorry i thought that would be kinda funny if i say the most exiting part then stop but i’m not going to……yet. so where was i….oh yeah when you invade their building you have to find a secret way to get in ( i know what your thinking but no you can’t use the front door) and then you will get sent some cogs and if you defeat them you have to battle the most powerful cog in toontown the blood sucker he’s evil but i have defeated him before after like throwing a gazillion gags at him but if you do defeat him the cog building turns into a happy little toon shop speaking of happy things you can get pets bu their is only one breed but they are so cool there called doodles and you can give them any random namelike one of mine is called Jellyfeet i know its weird but i’m weird so whatever i have told you mainly everything about toontown but their is more stuff if you want to know about it then go to and sign up
Hope you liked my post thing from jess
p.s thanks to the people at geekyoto who have given me a place in that talk thing

8 responses

  1. hi its jess
    i wanted to say thanks to all the comments BUT when saw johns i felt u know a bit 😦 because when u said ” i blame the parents ” i thought to myself are you dissing my parents its not my fault i am so amazingly talented that you thought i was in yr 6 but you should have said oh i thoght she was in yr 6 silly me jess is very talented and is going to make a lot of money !!!
    hey i almost lost my cool there B)
    yours truly jesss

  2. I’m sure that Jess can spell. It’s just a typing thing. But her motivations seem admirable and her slight lack of confidence is I’m sure only temporary.

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