The background to the social media guidelines?

I happened upon this remarkable post during this evening’s search to cure insomnia. I have not yet graduated through my blogging career to the point where I just need to point to stuff that fascinates me and that says enough; however, on this occasion… go read, it’s great:

BTW, do click on the Enterprise Octopus link: he/she has an interesting life.

There seems to be a huge resonance with the recently published social media guidelines for UK civil servants.

5 responses

  1. But I’m a European, it has to be “colours”! 🙂

    An interesting post, ties in with a lot of conversations I am having with my team and far too few conversations I am having with my business *sigh*.

  2. I never bother reading the comments.

    The only people who write comments on blog entries are obviously dodgy characters whose views should be discarded and who are only looking for the opportunity to rant …

    Hang on!

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