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  1. It’s not quite the “by the end of June” his responses were promised. It’s also interesting how Gordon instead of answering “Why should you be PM” took on the easier question of “Why does he want to be PM”. Did he not heard the question asked? Or does he just not have an answer?

  2. Boyce, yes I did notice that – he is not called a politician for nothing. I had raised my own concerns about this in a previous post, I was very dubious. So my joy in this post is really that I am [pleasantly surprised at how they have delivered up the channel – not what GB is actually saying. TBH being given that length of time to respond to questions submitted was always going to ensure a written/read answer.

  3. Em, I shared that doubt – and probably commented on your blog about it!
    However, I would have to agree with you (again!) that this actually ain’t a bad job of giving genuine responses to real questions.
    I don’t think we will ever see a live Q&A session on the web between us and Number 10 – but this is a good step and well thought out.
    Genuine shows of openness to the voting public are to be welcomed

  4. Yeah sorry – I don’t mean to sound too negative about it. It’s obviously a small step in (to my mind) the right direction. I still think the government have a lot to learn about the internet. I think it’s fair to say the opposition currently do it a lot better.

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