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  1. [Not sure whether this is simply an obvious observation but] perhaps both are handy, but for quite different purposes.

    re the Go Big Always piece, there will surely be times when one needs to jolt one audience out of a feeling that this can be done by business as usual. And the material is sharp enough for you to stand back from it and do the “well of course none of *us* would be quite this extreme” bonding stuff.

    And the DaveFleet material is excellent for the point when those involved have come over all practical and are up for something to experiment with.

    Good for you too Mark for pointing a link at your own demo – I have already linked people locally to DaveFleets recipe and included yours as a worked example (“here’s one we prepared earlier”)! Many thanks.

  2. I just picked the words closest to my audience’s hearts! 🙂

    The great thing about the search feeds is that you can play around with search strings to your heart’s content until you find one you like and then just subscribe.

    An example – Google News “Bear” gives me 90,493. “bear -market” takes it down to 57,638 and “bear -market -stearns” gives me what I want, 53,183 news stories just about bears with most of the stock market noise removed. I could narrow it further by adding “-teddy -Paddington” but we start getting into diminishing returns.

    If I add -“could bear” and -“bear to” I will clear out most of the uses of “bear” as a figure of speech.

    The best thing is just to play around with the search options and make full use of the Boolean and string modifiers in Google.

    The tool mentioned in DaveFleets posting as a way of winnowing looks good as well, especially for those search tools which are not quite so rich in functionality.

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