How can you use Addictomatic?

New fave tool referred to in previous post is: Addictomatic

I have had a few private messages about how it might be used in corporate (or other) comms, so here’s my 2pth – please do add/alter/moan.

How to use it

Put in a keyword | Hit Create | Read the category results

(Whoever said that I was not the most useful girl on the planet?)

Easy right? (Not me, Addictomatic.)

Think first

It is very easy to get distracted. The first time I used it I was needing to listen to what the www was saying about printing and how collaborative tools could be best used to increase the value and relevance of offline printing. I tried all sorts of keywords that made sense to me: online printing, printing collaboration, printing, printing new… you get my drift – I was being a bit rubbish. Anyway, quickly tiring of the results, I decided to Addictomatic me – shockingly poor results, then my online persona: mulquem, similarly cr*p, then onto people I know, stuff I liked, er even things on my desk… hmmm displacement activity at its best.


1. Be focussed before you enter the url into your toolbar

2. Have a series of options for keywords you think will work


3. SCROLL there is lots of good stuff below the line on the results page

4. Explore – click through on the group footers, where it says ‘more at…’

This will give you a wealth of information to digest, conversations to listen to and show you places where you might like to build your profile, or begin to engage.

That is enough for now.

I feel as if I have competely ruined the simplicity of a cool listening tool, a bit like this Microsoft/Apple battle apologies 🙂

5 responses

  1. I thought the results for you were quite interesting. Much better than the ones for me. But Jeremy beats us all.

    I will add it to my toolbox for convincing the sceptics. 🙂

  2. Thanks Mark :-p

    I think it has two limited, but useful, functions:

    1. Great for a snapshot on a trackable keyword or phrase (strangely I find it works better on people’s names rather than phrases too).
    2. It demonstrates the kind of value a reasonably sophisticated RSS reader +netvibes / pageflakes / igoogle setup could provide using multiple keywords / phrases and sources.

  3. … should have said – but 2. takes quite a bit of time and effort to set up properly and people shouldn’t underestimate the complexity it requires to work properly.

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