All sorts: Paul Carr, WordPress, Toolkits and holidays

Once more, apologies for the slightly erratic blogging of late. Cutting to the quick, and following my title… here goes:

Paul Carr

His book is now available on Amazon – buy it/review it. Here is my review, unlikely to be published as I owned up to swiping one of his books at the launch (when they were there for ‘reference’ only… so, sorry):

5.0 out of 5 stars Paul Carr embarrasses me on the delayed trains from Waterloo, 11 Aug 2008

Bringing Nothing to the Party: True Confessions of a New Media Whore

I stole Paul’s book from him last Thursday – thank God I did! (I have run dry of ‘holiday reading’ and need some respite from the PID documents generated by Directgov).

I don’t *know* Paul, but I know of him and have met him a few times (enough to bully him into inviting me to his launch party, sort of).

So, to the book… I started reading it on a super-delayed train from Waterloo last Friday. The carriage was so packed that people were reading it over my shoulder (so the embarrassment factor of laughing out loud was lessened by the stifled snorts of laughter behind me). The stifled snorts were enough for an opportunist like me to start a conversation, which started with Paul and who he was, leading quickly to me and who I was.

So buy this book, it helps you network on trains.

Other reasons to buy this book:

1. It helps you embrace your inner jealousy streak
2. You take comfort from knowing that however bad your unrequited love-life is, it is not as bad as Paul’s
3. For a brief moment you step into the drunken and hedonistic world of internet entrepreneurship – and realise it’s not all that (apart from Robert Loch’s legendary parties of course)
4. You can get the gen on many of the internet billion/squillion-aires, and dine out on the stories (adopt them as your own – why not)
5. Google party description – from the point of view of a normal person i.e. you – Chapter 9.0 (all of it)

Um.. I had better now buy the book – from Amazon 🙂 – for someone else

PS I read it twice


The lovely, lovely, lovely (OK enough) people at WordPress put me as 78th on their ‘growing blogs’ list. Too cool, my standards are not high – 78th is enough for me. The tag-line for the link happens to be: Watch live streaming Beijing Olympic Games 2008, then you have to scroll like mad to get to me, but hey… it’s there!


I am STILL working on this – but in the real world, so it is taking time. I will be running an event in October that should give us the Toolkit part one… hopefully. If you want to come, email me.


I am in Africa from the 21st with my girls, concentrating on my cause: so will not be blogging, nor will I be working officially; however, I shall do sub-blog-management: sorting comments whenever I can get access.

I will post again in October, but will be managing the blog, so please do keep me entertained, horrify me, with your conversation.


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