Friends are good! OR You’re doing what? Running a Marathon? Snigger

I was amazed, and more than slightly touched (not in the rude or mad way), at how many of my friends contacted me to pick up on my rather down-beat post about Tom earlier in the day. Yes, I did write it when feeling rather flat, and I suppose those who know me in the real world picked it up. So, thanks for being such wonderful people – and I am fine!! Just a bit floored today for no reason at all (but I think it might have been a bit of Tom stress and post-holiday blues).

Special h/t to Mitch Sava from PolyWonk, whom I met for lunch Inn the Park. We had a great catch up and he found me this to do next year: 🙂 anyone want to join me? Seems like the only Marathon I would ever want to complete.

But any road, thank you to everyone who lifted my spirits – chillax as Jess would say, I AM FINE!

Oh, upate: I need a charity to run for, email me with your suggestions

7 responses

  1. Go Em!
    I’d be up for that how many months do we have to obtain Marathon fitness? (
    (Could Prove a challenge nearly hurled in a 45 min spinning class this morning) Will all the FTBC members be entering????

  2. Have been thinking of something poignant to write, hopefully no-one thought I was deliberatly ignoring this! I think its a great idea, I’m up for the cheese wine and smoking part, but am already doing a 10K next year!
    I think you’ll be great, and I’ll be at the finish line, laughing, i mean cheering you on!!

    Sarah (honary member of the FTBC)

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