I am going to this – Barcamp overspill or somesuch

After a hectic Summer of Barcamps, festivals, general jolly get-togethers for all people who either crush on geeks or love social media and want to learn more – I find myself rather reluctantly signing myself up for one last hurrah (for this year).

Why reluctant? Because it is a Saturday and I love my daughters and want to see them (and make sure they do their homework).

Why sign up? Because I need to know this stuff. Speaking to these people and being around those that are passionately involved in this stuff enables me to do my job better. Read this post from Tom Steinberg of My Society to explain why the people who go to these things to share their knowledge are so important to amateurs like me. (P.S. It is Tom’s birthday tomorrow, knowing Tom S. as vaguely as I do I am sure that he would be delighted by a deluge of well-wishers :))

So, I will be there (sorry Jess and Amy – I love you x)

Do please come and find me if you are there too.

5 responses

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  2. I shall be sitting in a restaurant dining on the finest viands washed down with the finest wines that 47p and a copy of the social media guidelines can get you so I will miss your wise words. I look forward to full, detailed and sober report.

  3. Once again, Mark, you made me laugh out loud, in a silly spluttery way.

    1. Embarrassing and 2. Messy, because I was eating Brazil nuts at the time, as a little present for my liver.

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