V-Logs from the online consultation meeting

Hermione Way, newspepper.com, interviewed some of the participants after the meeting on the 4th December. Whilst we set up collaborative areas for all of you to continue to add/develop some of the ideas that came from the day, I thought that is might be interesting for you to see what people said as soon as released from the room.

HUGE thank you to Hermione for doing this, and for highlighting what we are doing in this week’s (episode 3) techfluff.tv. She came in for the second half of the meeting and joined in on the discussion around social media and policy development. You may notice that I am not interviewed, this is because I am RUBBISH at being in front of a camera, much better at writing. Anyway, everyone else said it so much better than I could.

Steph Gray Department for Innovation, University and Skills (DIUS)

Mark O’Neill Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Mitch Sava Polywonk and David Wilcox Social Reporter

Matthew Cain Newscounter (Note the hesitation in the middle and the twitter conversation at end… diamond)

Alan Moore SMLXL

Euan Semple

9 responses

  1. Ha! it was, out for techfluff.tv… but I begged Hermione for the interviews, so they are here, in full…

    Naive for your Twitter comments? No… I concur as you know 🙂 but you are now a traitor @newscounter

  2. Hi All,

    I just found the proper Lloyd Davis interview, (before he turned the camera on me) and uploading to YouTube now- will be there shortly!

    Mathew, as Emma said, the edited version we launched before the raw footage was requested is in our weekly tech show here http://techfluff.tv

    Check it out to see who was the lucky one!

    Many thanks for having me Emma and it was great to meet you all there!

    Ps: i think we have a fan in MP Tom Watson: http://www.tom-watson.co.uk/2008/11/techfluff-tv/

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  4. This is a fantastic resource, thanks Emma for posting. I am preparing a presentation (as you well know by now!) and am asking big name bloggers what they think. Tried Euan Semple but no word as yet. So what do you think?

    “How do you see the role of government media monitoring developing, taking into account web developments and the changing media landscape?”

    Ta love!

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