President Obama: Oh hai… but then there’s Tom

So there I was all fired up, inspired, surrounded by people I love celebrating the inauguration and relishing in speeches, music and general wonderfulness. Coming home I was planning on writing up about the new website and waffle further. Then I get an update from Team Tom. For any of you not familiar with my friend, my cause and human rights/prison issues look here:

Please read the latest update:

Please watch the videos, please understand what is happening there. Yes, my friend is there so I am emotionally tied to this and will do anything I can to highlight what is taking place.

Whenever I can I go to Kenya to see Tom, Sally and his family (not too often at the moment because of work – how rubbish is that) and whenever I go I meet everyone involved in this, I go to Kamiti, and I want to do something, anything, to help; but there is nothing I can do whilst there for fear of recrimination – not against me, although that is a risk, but against those who live and stay in Kenya, supporting Tom.

Tom is determined to use any publicity surrounding him to highlight how appalling prison conditions are for his fellow cell-mates and to try to help make things better for those there on remand and even the convicts.

Whatever you think of Tom’s case, please take the time to understand what is happening in Kenya’s prisons.

What can you do? Re-blog, re-twitter, share the link, raise awareness.

You can contact Team Tom through the site if you want to get a message to him, please do.

2 responses

  1. Feeling a bit helpless.
    How can 1 human being have so much support from so many millions out cheering and whooping and laying on lavish banquets, whilst 1 other human being who is his equal in terms of innocence be locked away, hungry and in such pitiful conditions.
    We are a perverse race at times.

  2. We can’t judge his innocence or guilt, I know what I know but am not commenting on the case, but I know enough to publicly support Tom. Regardless of this, the point is that this is a brutal prison – as are many others – I have seen it first hand, I recognise the warders in the videos, and this is just barbaric. Tom is on remand, but even convicted prisoners do not deserve this treatment.

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