Rewired State – how to play if you can’t code

Should you want to come to Rewired State, National Hack the Government Day but cannot code or be geeky enough to ‘do stuff’ during the day, here’s how you can come along and find out what happened and join in.

We are keeping it deeply geeky from 10am until 6pm. At 6 o’clock we will throw open the doors until 8.30pm and you can come and see what has been done on the day, meet the geeks (if they choose to stay :)) have a drink and generally prowl about.

We are trying to limit this to government bods, as we are limited on space and keen to keep this focused and not a general love-in, so go to the website, select ‘government person’ from the drop down menu and fill in your deets. We will then let you know sometime really soon whether you have a place and all of that.

We will be having a jamboree afterwards at a pub tba, so if you don’t get in to the show and tell, you can STILL come along and chat to everyone.

PS If you have met me and said that you want to come and I have said that I will sort it, I haven’t, this is me sorting it, we need to keep a v close tab on numbers and registrations, so DO sign up through the site or you won’t get in. (Although we are quite reasonable of course).

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