Now this is the kind of thing that will start to make a difference

Dominic Campbell, and his two new directors: Michelle Lyons and Justin Kerr-Stevens, from Futuregov are running a competitionto send a public servant from central or local government to the 2009 Politics Online conference in Washington D.C.

What I really like, is that whilst this is a fabulous freebie, they ask:

While it’s  going to be a lot of fun, it’s not (just) a holiday. In return for your prize, we’ll be asking you to write the odd blog post here on, capture video, interview speakers/attendees wherever you get the chance and generally network like there is no tomorrow! When you get back, we’ll organise a little event where you can share what you’ve learnt and tell your story to colleagues.

Now THAT is the way it should be done. Well done to the three of you, an inspired and practical way forward – really looking forward to seeing the outcome.

So, all of you public sector people: go and compete, and share!

PS Congrats to Dominic for choosing two superb co-directors

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