Rewired State: play wherever you are

Most of you who read my blog already know about Rewired State, if not it is on the 7th March 2009, is for those of you who can code and do clever things with APIs/scraped data and is going to be a great deal of fun. Quick run down of the day is 10 to 6 ish: coding/creation, 6-8.30: show off/beer/pizza (so if you can’t code you can come and look at the end).

Having said that we are over-subscribed x3 but have not yet closed the books, because… even if you cannot make it to the actual event, you can still play. There is no reason why not. All of the data is being uploaded to here, it is publicly available (now) and there are APIs/other data feeds/scraped stuff/everything 🙂 being added from now until the 7th March (and hopefully thereafter for wherever this goes after the day itself).

The point about the day is that everyone will be together, doing stuff at the same time, either in the same room or hooked up by some clever *thing* that James Darling will sort, we have an outpost in Brighton and hopefully it will just be a massive, hopefully not just UK-based, hack day. At the end of that day people will be able to share what they have done, I understand that this will be not just those in situ, but everyone taking part. Have a hack party, do whatever you like, join in…

Invites to the London *do* will go out in the next week, those who don’t get in to that will be given options for joining in regardless.


1. If you want to play on the day: register – by the 7th March we will have worked out how to share everything.

2. If you want to just do stuff and not make a fuss about it, go ahead, but please do let us know here: It’s just good to know, perhaps best to be specific about whether you want it shared or not.

3. Please do spread the word across your geek/public sector communities and use the 7th as a big push to free data and use it wisely.

Keen to make clear that although James, Richard and I are mentioned as the organisers (and Stefan is not mentioned at all on the site although he is definitely as much a part of it as any of us three, he just *missed* the bits where we were writing blogs and setting up sites :)) – it is not really ours, obviously. We just wanted to spend a bit of voluntary time making it happen. Let’s see where this goes…

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