Recommendation 14

In addition to the usual work I am trying to do at the moment, I have been fairly obsessed with recommendation 14 of the power of information task force report (POIT); here it is:

The government should ensure that public information data sets are easy to find and use.  The government should create a place or places online where public information can be stored and maintained (a ‘repository‘) or its location and characteristics listed (an online catalogue).  Prototypes should be running in 2009.

This obsession started with Rewired State, and the pain we went through to try to get enough quality data to make a day of government ‘hacking’ worthwhile. (By hacking I mean in the sense of hacking stuff together, not the illegal break and enter style of hack).

The POIT makes 20 recommendations, and each of them are as worthy as the next, but recommendation 14 has become a bit of a thing for me.

So, after the new blog happened to mention it as a bit of a focus for them too, I thought that it would be useful for me to try to share recommendation 14 as widely as I could.

The description of what is proposed  is very clear; so I won’t bang on, but it would be great if everyone helped promote it and contributed to the blog request for help.

One response

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this again… I am reasonably confident that DFID will get there eventually. But it will take time as ever with these things…

    How about creating some recommendation 14 T-shirts???

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