Goodbye Tom

Tom Watson announced his intention to resign from goverment today – and that’s sad. Politics aside (for a moment).

Tom was great for us in the digital space because he *got it*. He spent time understanding the digital portfolio, and more than that – he had the talent, guts and skills to create change through support, encouragement and sometimes direct JFDI.

I am not remotely reticent in extending my thanks and appreciation to this Minister for all the work he has done in the digital space.

For sure great things will happen from now on, the work does not stop; but I think it would be churlish not to recognise the fact that he has championed civil servants, experts, talented amateurs and enthusiasts throughout the last few years; and that has had a huge impact on the attitude of those geeks and experts inside and outside of government: keen but often disillusioned – to re-engage.


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