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  1. Thanks for the interesting post – and the name check! I think we are going through fascinating times at the moment – but appreciate many of your comments – especially the pinata style rush for jobs which appear ‘exciting’. I’m sure there will be variations in your ideas going on across all departments -speed dictated by personalities and the culture of the organisation – but as more individuals find online becoming embedded in their lives both at home and at work, it should become easier to make the case. I guess examples will be things like parents who find things like data mashups which tell them whether their child’s school is closed in a snow storm – realising the service was only possible because those data sets were released.
    I look forward to continuing to work with such an innovative and exciting group of colleagues.

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  4. Personally I think the majority of civil servants and ministers rely on PRs, secretaries, wives/husbands/kids etc to keep them up to speed. They don’t have hands on experience of computers and ICT in general. This leaves them at a serious disadvantage and out of the picture. If they knew what the real world was like and how difficult it is to update your OS on a laptop in a rural area they would have been more informed and contributed to the digital britain report. The way things now stand 90% of the UK land mass will never be able to engage with them. 40% of the people in this country will have to wait for 20 years to catch up with the cities. So I would think that will give you time to bring the departments up to speed 😉
    Would laugh, but it isn’t funny really. What we need is next generation access to be able to engage with you all. thanks for reading…

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  6. Thanks for the name check Emma.

    Careful with phrases like “twitter is definitely a broadcast medium” – you’ll have the Twitter cops after you.

    Devolution of trust – yes, this is the biggy isn’t it? And will, I guess, take a long time. Which should go some way to assuaging fears over job security – our customers will always need evangelists, consultants, advocates – and the game keeps on changing after all.

  7. I can feel the frustration oozing out of your italics. You should console yourself with the fact the it’s the same people who say “get on and do it” as say “so what” when you’ve got on and done it.

    You set out the challenges really clearly. It sounds like a lot of what you’re trying to do is convince sometimes-sceptical people of the value of your strategy. I think the best way to do this is to try to avoid becoming an evangelist for social media, and instead be an evangelist for the specific practical benefits of applications of your approach. Good luck.

  8. Hi Emma,

    thanks for sharing where you are up to – very useful for colleagues who are dipping toes in the water.

    Like the name check – those guys are true stars.

    Also like idea of a get together regarding press offices etc.


  9. Thanks all for your comments, sorry to be so late to respond, have been mulling 🙂

    Also appalled at how ‘me me me’ this post comes across as! Better editing required (not at 1am on a Sunday morning after planning and drafting all night might be an idea).

    Things are moving apace now and I am hoping that the comms directorate will start blogging shortly – with the various units: ecomms, marketing, press, etc charting progress and sharing learning.

    Will let you know if/when this happens, of course!

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