Young Rewired State

Young Rewired State is the most exciting thing on the planet at the moment – well for me anyway!

  • nearly 70 people aged between 15-18 years have registered (way more than we had dared hope for, and more signing up – even though we have closed the list)
  • just over 20 brilliant Rewired State geeks on hand to mentor
  • a small band of organisers revving up to a big pre-meet on Wednesday when we start prepping the laptops
  • our judges are lined up
  • Google is restocking the sweets and clearing the rooms (and talking to James about ports)
  • the poster has been designed by the wonderful Richard Pope (yes we did sort the typo before going to the printers)
  • Tim O’Reilly has tweeted about us
  • the trains and hotels are being booked
  • the young people are nagging for more data <- they are data gannets!
  • the freenode irc for Rewired State is buzzing with plans and projects as groups and individuals start getting their ideas together
  • and last but not least, our lovely sponsors have been invoiced 🙂 (Thank you to Directgov, DCMS/CIO Council, 4iP, The Guardian and *hopefully* DCSF <- thank goodness for these sponsors, seriously would not be able to afford to do this otherwise, it is eye-wateringly expensive on the trains nowadays, and we have talent coming from everywhere across the country)

If you want to come along on the Sunday at 4pm to watch what has been crafted and designed over the weekend, you can, but you must sign up

If you missed out the *what* and *why*. We are giving a bunch of young people as much government data as we can get our hands on (shoving it all up here first, access to some of the best developer minds should they need a bit of help, a weekend at the London Googleplex and see what happens. Why? because we want to showcase the extraordinary talent in this country, make some awesome apps, give the young people the tools and information to engage each other in what interests them, and just maybe add some weight to the quest for more/better/varied programming languages on the curriculum.

What can you do to help? Well at the moment the crisis is laptops, we need as many as we can lay our hands on. We have a titchy bit of money left over to hire them if necessary. If you can help with that great – we need them by Wednesday! Email me.

Please note:

1. The list for young people is closed, we cannot afford any more but we could squeeze you in if you can pay to get yourselves there and bring your own laptop (please make this clear when you sign up)

2. There are still spaces to come and watch the show and tell on the Sunday, but you must register – you have to be on the list to get past the Google doors.

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