My mate Mick

I am re-posting this post, as he is very much on my mind.

My mate Mick is brilliant. He works hard and adores his son: Sonny

Mick and Sonny

He loves his food plain, and is quite a pain about it, his favourite meal is steak and chips, (any whiff of salad or garnish and he won’t eat it) with a beer and maybe a sambucca later 😉 Once I made him eat my avocado ice cream – quite gross – but he managed a bit (result) ever since he has been a bit tentative:

Mick pudding

He makes shutters (not blinds) and owns this company.

He adores my girls, and often confuses Amy with his mate ‘Brian’, as he says that she looks exactly like him – much to her annoyance (although she has got used to answering him when he calls her Brian).

Mick and the girls

He taught Amy how to skim stones:

Amy and Mick

When we go on holiday, he likes to enjoy himself:

Mick bombing

He loves his music, all big band stuff: Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack being a fave; every song was his and Penny’s (his wife): ‘Pen, Pen.. it’s our song: quick!’

Mick and Pen

He is generous to a fault, a genuinely lovely bloke who I honestly get excited about seeing, any evening or holiday when Mick is involved is going to be fabulous. I am constantly amazed and proud of his dedication to his family and pals. He’s never online, he is too busy with helping out with stuff… or watching rugby 🙂

Love him…

Mick dropped down dead, literally, Friday 13th February 2009. I wanted to share him with you in lieu of the last conversation I wish I could have with him. Bye, Mick, there is a flipping massive hole in the world now and I know you would be a bit gobsmacked that I am doing this, but I miss you and want to celebrate your life xxx

Mick and us

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