Networking businesses not people/Speed data-ing

Or… Hack day for start-ups (update) <- we had too many clever names for this post

Right, there has been growing interest in this hack day, which is all very exciting as I think it might be brilliant. So here is a bit of an update:

Date: I did say I was aiming for the first Saturday in June, that is now looking unlikely as I have been a bit busy with the day job :), but it will be a Saturday probably in June, possibly sneaking into July.

the rest of this post will refer to ‘we’, I have not come over all Royal, but have dragged a few people into this

If you don’t know what I am talking about, here is my previous post on the matter.

What businesses, what data?

Ideally we want 15 businesses involved and we are now in the process of  reducing a wish-list of 44 down to 10. Then we would like to invite five volunteer businesses – seem fair?

In order to put your business forward you just need to have some interesting non-personal data,

data is information that has been translated into a form that is more convenient to move or process

basically, the stuff that sits in databases. We don’t need to have any story behind why your business should be included, just send us a link to your website and tell us about the data you have. Email us: bizhackday at gmail dot com.

What’s in it for businesses?

We can’t be completely prescriptive, however we would expect at least the following:

  1. connections with other businesses based on your professional data
  2. potentially a new product or service that you can take forward
  3. a visualisation of your information that makes more sense than you’ve ever seen before
  4. finding connections with data sets that you simply hadn’t thought of before

Here is a blog post about a hack day run by Rewired State, just to give you a better idea of what happens. (Important to note that this business hack day is not a Rewired State event, but is supported by some Rewired State developers and me, a founder director).

Stuff we need

I have had several offers of servers, so I will get back to you kind people. We need money to pay for food during the day, IT support at Adam Street, paying the developers, beer and pizza. Rewired State will be stumping up some cash but it would be good to have sponsorship from elsewhere as well, contact me if you want to sponsor.

Register your interest to attend

We really don’t know what is going to happen, what will be produced and what opportunities will be created. What we do know is that the show and tell at the end is usually brilliantly buzzy and incredible to watch. The business owners will obviously be there and Adam Street members, sponsors (if we get any), but if you would like to come along and see the presentations and be part of what we hope will be a inspirational bit of geekery then please apply (again to bizhackday at gmail dot com) and we will confirm places once we are clear on numbers.

I think that’s it, over the next week we will be contacting businesses, do yell if you want to join in in some way!

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