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At the end of July I leave the Home Office, which will be equally as sad as it is exciting. So much has happened here over the last two years and I have been really honoured to be a part of that. Indeed, I am leaving government – sort of.

Most of you can’t have failed to notice that my heart has also been in running Rewired State events, many evenings and weekends have been dominated by geeks and data – this for me is heaven. So I have made a decision that was not exactly hard, but is a bit scary.

From August I will be working full time on Rewired State, let’s see what happens when it is not just a hobby business.

In order to do this we will obviously need to raise some funding, and are speaking to a few organisations and people but always happy to chat to anyone who might want to come on board. We don’t need too much dosh really, just enough to give this the kick start it needs, mainly paying for peoples’ time in the first year, thereafter it should be self funding.

Meanwhile I don’t want to totally go native, I would love to keep working a few days a month with other people on other things, to keep my eyes and mind open. I learn best when working with great people on their own projects, and don’t want to stop that diversity and opportunity, so please do ask me if you have some interesting stuff you need help with.

So… Rewired State here we come, can’t wait to do this.

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  1. Exciting times! Best of luck with the new venture – this feels like the right time for Rewired State to deliver some really exciting things with you at the helm…

  2. Really very pleased to see this – though can’t help feeling government tech, web (and the general art of arse-kicking) will be the poorer for it at least in the short-term.

  3. Sorry at what point did I say I would stop kicking govnt arse?! I will still help government, just focusing on getting Rewired State doing its absolute utmost to keep on driving through the benefits of open data, and translating those monstrous datasets into useful, beautiful and/or amusing products for everyone. Sort of like Charlie Beckett said at the weekend

    Thank you everyone for being so kind. Hopefully you can all play too.

  4. Dan, this might help:

    I was involved with the Young Rewired State last year as a mentor, and have never met a more passionate and skilled group of young people in my life.

    Best of luck with the new venture, Emma, and don’t forget about us in the North East!

    x Neil

  5. Hi Emma,
    If anyone can then its you!!! Nice to know someone else biting the bullet! I don’t think you need it, but wishing you lots of luck anyway!

  6. Enjoy Emma and thanks for your input on stuff like the digital engagement guides. Keep in touch on developments with Rewired State.

  7. Home Office’s loss will be others’ gain. I wish you every success with all your new ventures.

    And more to the point here is a suitable quotation:-

    A lot of people don’t want to make their own decisions. They’re too scared. It’s much easier to be told what to do.
    (Marilyn Manson)

    I bet you didnt expect Marilyn Manson to be compared with you today! 🙂

    all the best


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