Emma V.

So, I have left government and am now officially allowed to start blogging again! Hurrah – but bear with me as I am going to have to re-learn the habit. No I am not going to write about everything over the last few months and what it was like under the Coalition and through the massive cuts and changes, this is about the future and what happens next.

Speaking of which…

I am indeed going to be running Rewired State as a more full-time part of my life now, and we have some exciting work coming up and some cunning plans to pore over.

I have spent the last week running the very fabulous Young Rewired State and the UK Online Centre hack days, both of which have been exhilarating, exhausting, triumphant and (at some points) mortifying!
Proper blog posts about both of these events will be live on the Rewired State website next week (they take ages to get together as you can imagine) however, I can show you some stuff from Young Rewired State now at the following links:
And finally from YRS2010, Tim Dobson from DFEY who helped run the centre in Manchester – filmed and rapped this (he starts rapping at about 1:21 into it, it’s SO GOOD!!)
So what am I actually going to do?

I do need to make sure that I can put a roof over my head and survive, can’t live on worthy projects alone! Therefore I have accepted a very generous offer by The Guardian for me to come in and do a little work for them whilst also running Rewired State from their offices. The Guardian have always been unstinting in their support of what we are doing in RS and I am massively grateful for this cuddle I am getting – it makes life far, far easier.

Over the next three months I will be taking some serious time to not only look at the future of RS, but to build on the developer network – with the help of a strong and committed ‘geek advisory board’ – that I have imagined but not yet actually invited! – who will be charged with making sure I don’t disappear down any bonkers avenues that just won’t work.

Thanks for all of your encouragement, please do keep spreading the word, we are still running our super fabulous hack days and we will be looking at curating some of the apps we have sitting in our Creations section. We are also going to be actively building the network and working with the young developers who have attended the past few years, similarly taking forward some of what they have made.

So, that’s me… for now

4 responses

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  2. Congratulations on the Grauniad gig Emma, that sounds excellent! Looking forward to seeing your work with them and more RS stuff soon.

  3. Hey Emma, sounds like a great switch to make given all change in Government over there. Good luck with the move and ping me if you ever swerve RS into Europe, maybe peepz over here can help!

  4. @James yes let’s do something fun in Europe, are they set up? Do we have some clever devs?

    @Sullivan thank you 🙂 just about landing from the first few weeks!

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