Campfires, tents and the future

So this my final post in this week of blogging about the challenges and issues I have faced/been talking about with colleagues – with the express aim of trying to draw out who is thinking about what and what happens next.

It has been an amazingly useful exercise, taking time to write down these thoughts and discussions; I have found myself researching more, asking questions, learning and meeting new people. I shall certainly continue to write posts more often and in this style of writing less about what I think and asking more about what you think.

It strikes me that there is still a great need to seek out the futurologists of today, to reignite the discussions about what the landscape might look like in the digital world as well as in the political and social realms.

So I would like to suggest that we have a weekend away towards the end of the Summer, where we all get together in an informal setting to talk about this. I do not think we need to have people formally speaking, nor any organised activites – but what we do is have people of different interests and specialities having conversations. What comes out of these should be tweeted and blogged over the course of the weekend – to engage those unable to attend and to widen the conversation.

We should hold it somewhere with a big field for camping as well as being close to accomodation for those who just hate camping with a passion – we have fun, we relax, we talk and most importantly – we amplify the conversations. Nothing is disallowed (families are welcome) but I don’t imagine this working if it is in any shape a conference or unconference. However, I am going to give it the hashtag of #campcon because that is all I can think of.

So who’s in? I am happy to throw my hat in and help organise some of the logistics, also spread the word with the developer communities (including Young Rewired State) and people with whom I have the most interesting discussions. But it will need far more than me to get this off the ground.

Just to reiterate, this is a weekend about the future, not issues and problems of the present – there are many, many people successfully holding local and national events to try to address these issues. It is about painting a picture of the world into which we are going to be delivering digital products and solutions:

  • borders: are they open or shut? what happens in either case?
  • data – is it open or increasingly regulated?
  • space travel
  • virtual reality
  • climate
  • natural disasters
  • population
  • migration
  • shopping
  • music
  • travel
  • television
  • time machines
  • science
  • politics
  • royalty
  • gypsy weddings

Anything, anything at all – but it must be about the future. Probably need a wiki for this…

7 responses

  1. Blimey – that’s a bit ambitious. There’s a very good yurt village on Dartmoor that might suit the purpose, but we’d have to get a satellite truck for broadband.

    • Oh really? A yurt village sounds awesome 🙂 a camping weekend at the end of summer shouldn’t be too ambitious I hope, I am not organising anything, just turning up 🙂 hopefully others will come along too – will be fun!!! But I do love camping weekends, so I am biased

  2. a weekend of enthusiatic futurologist geeks in a hippy-like setting of a village of gurts – sounds like the perfect setting for an apocalyptic JG Ballard novel…good luck! [darkly], david

  3. Hullo,
    Count me in on this one, although I’m not convinced how well I could pass as a futurologist. Can provide, er, a very small tent though. Anyhoo, I’m carving a perfectly valid niche out of spreading existing stuff more widely and adapting it to new fields, rather than creating exciting new tools and inventions. Suspect there’s a lot of room in developing countries for the societal, non-centrally-driven equivalent of business process reorganisation.

    Also, do you have a canal outside your office? I’m likely to bring my boat past at some point and steal Adam for tea.

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