You are not a bell-end

In a world where I could blog daily about dull annoying things, here is a good one:

1. Went to Cannes during film festival (by accident)

2. Saw some amazing stuff

3. Resisted buying a Marilyn Monroe Festival de Cannes poster

4. Decided life would never be the same without 2012 Festival de Cannes Poster on wall at home

5. Found/bought poster

6. Lost poster/left poster at airport security

7. Got mate’s husband (BA pilot) to arrange extravagant plot to release poster from Nice airport security, utilising email written in French and drafted by mate from Uni (now headmistress of an International school in Belgium)

8. Mission failed

9. Found contact deets and emailed amazing restaurant opposite poster shop in Cannes – I ate there twice, of course they remember me

10. Traded a new Cannes 2012 poster for a review of my supper and a promise to eat there forever more (when in Cannes – go here Le Chaperon Rouge 17 rue Saint Antoine)

11. Poster turned up today


  • be open
  • never give up

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