Connected Learning: the research and thought-provoking outputs

My last blog post was written before I took part in The GovLab experiment in New York, that has now taken place and all of the outputs are being made available through the site. I would recommend going and exploring it if you are interested in civic engagement and government, because there was an incredible line up of people there and much discussion – it was like my dream dinner party come true!

The benefit for attendees at such things is not only the opportunity to take part in the overall conversation, but also the connections you make with people around the formal event and it is the results of one of these connections that I wanted to share.

I sat at supper on the Friday night in an achingly cool art space in Brooklyn and next to a lovely lady called Valerie Chang, the Director for Policy, US, from the MacArthur Foundation. We started chatting about the day and the focus on participation and I explained about Young Rewired State, and how we seemed to have struck on a formula that worked with mentors and young people focused on specific challenges, building solutions and learning through peer-to-peer rather than alone or in a classroom, and my subsequent passion around education and opening up learning. As I knew the MacArthur foundation were all about research I asked her if she knew of any around this.

Grabbing her business card she began scrawling web addresses and talking to me about research that just ticked every single box in my head of the stuff I wanted to understand and know more about.

I have just had a chance to start to look at these links and *gold dust* I need to take a week off to go through it all fully, it will take up much of my bedtime reading over the next few months I suspect – but I thought I would share it with those who read my blog. Some of you may already know of it, some may not. But I know that you all care passionately about the same things I do, and so I think it would be interesting for you all too.

So here goes:

Connected Learning

Youth Participatory Politics

DML Spotlight blog

Mimi Ito – Ethnographic research

As I do read through all of this I am sure I will write up the bits here that just nudge my brain up a gear, but if you have any thoughts, please do let me know and share them here.

Fascinating stuff, and thank you GovLab for inviting me.

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