A YRS 3D shopping project: help required

As you can imagine, I get asked a lot about what kinds of projects Young Rewired Staters (YRSers) work on (Young Rewired State is a network of programmers aged 18 and under). I often dodge the questions as there is either an answer that is as long as the Encyclopedia Britannica or I select the latest thing, which can never represent the variety of products and ideas they tell me about daily, sometimes many times a day.

Anyway, sometimes they do ask for help and in this instance I think the community of people who read the blog and who tweet my tweets will be the most useful, rather than personal help from me.

Here is the request from Harry:

I’m working, with some other YRS friends from last year, on a new method of online shopping. This involves a 3D shop front,  in which users can see real products on a virtual shelf. It also involves rearranging the shelf according to your own personal profile, and putting things that are more relevant, closer to you.
In order to begin development, we really want to start awareness of what we are trying to do among potential users and get some brief feedback on their opinions of the idea. I have put together a really short survey (30 seconds or so) here:
and a blog, explaining what we are doing:
We really need users and one or two shops to trial it on, if you know anybody! We are looking for investment later on, once we have something to show for our work. We will need a server on which to launch the product to everybody, the idea is that shops can just drag and drop items to build their own online 3D store; this is what we need investment for. We are also looking for another person who knows WebGL and Three.js (HTML5 3D graphics library), as none of us have much experience with it. Though we all do Javascript, so we can learn it. Our main skills lie in Databases and PHP, so that will involve the integration of the shop organisation, user profiling and live video link.
He has just updated me that someone in the YRS community is now working with him on WebGL and Three.js so he is sorted for that.
Interested in helping? Do fill out the survey, read and share the blog post and if you want to meet Harry to discuss stuff, do contact me – we don’t charge or take money to help these young people but we do look out for their best interests.

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