8 reasons why programmers make the best boyfriends/girlfriends

1. They invent the most exciting and clever ways to tell you things, for example JoeTech (if you ignore the ecard suggestion, I like to think that is an ironic suggestion and would mean immediate chucking) I am sorry to edit late but I just stumbled upon this much better example http://originalcontentlondon.com *speechless* see? amazing

2. They apply Boolean Logic as a matter of course: nothing is ever complicated, it is always logical – how refreshing!

3. They can work from anywhere with wifi and power, so you need never miss them in those crazy heady days of first love

4. Whilst they appreciate beautiful design, they are more intrigued by what makes up a person, luckily they do not need to physically take you apart to see how you work before putting you back together again

5. They have lots of interesting stories to tell because they can apply their skills to a limitless number of topics, and do

6. They love nothing better than a challenge, something that is supposedly impossible – meaning that potentially everything you have ever dreamed of will be possible… in some way (although I am still waiting for the flying car, maybe this is why I am still single)

7. They invent the most brilliant new toys for themselves and each other, know how the entire thing works and often inject humour and surprise as Easter Eggs

8. Their every thought for their job is about making it easy for a person to immediately find out what they need (website) or to quickly solve a problem (app) or to untangle messes (algorithm), how can you not fall in love with that.

Boy or girl, programmers are the best.

So… become a better boyfriend, or a better girlfriend/wife/husband/lover and start your coding journey this week. Those lovely people at uk.code.org have even given you a load of tutorials to set you on your journey. An hour of code this week might be the start of a new career and a new or rejuvenated love life! Go…

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  2. Feeling a bit old here. When I was in those crazy heady days of first love, the computer I was using need 3 phase mains power and was anything but portable.

    Great list, also waiting for the flying car (mostly to avoid potholes these days)

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