“… for a girl”

I had a sickening realisation recently about an ex. When I first met him (in an iphone queue for the next amazing iteration) we did the “What do you do” convo and I was working in gov then, at the Home Office in *quite a senior* role and he said: “oh a real job”… I fell in love with him on the spot because I thought he meant compared to his – in banking. But time would teach me he meant: for a girl

June 2014

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  2. Raking over what exes have said and realising they may not have liked us quite as much as we imagined at the time is rather masochistic isnt it? 2020 hindsight is a wonderful thing and emotional self-flagellation really isnt fun. Try and balance it with some positive things you found out about somebody by accident Or try the French approach – non, je regrette rien [with apologies to Edith Piaf and.. Norman Lamont] 🙂

    ps good to know you felt working at HO was a real job – sometimes I have my doubts and I’ve been there about a decade now

  3. ps was looking at your blog again scrolling, as you do, and had the following random but really radically alliterative alternative thought – what would the world be like if cool kittens could code?

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