Global entrepreneurship week has started

I have reluctantly been keeping a lazy eye on Twitter to just catch some of the flavour of what is happening. You might want to as well, follow enterpriseweek.

If you are not aware of GEW, here is a bit of blurb:

What is Enterprise Week?

Enterprise Week (17-23 November 2008), part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, is a national celebration of enterprise with thousands of events and activities happening across the UK. Last year there were over 5,000 events and more than half a million people took part!

Over 2,000 organisations run events and activities during the week to encourage people to have ideas and make them happen. This can be by starting up a new business or social enterprise, or by having ideas and making them happen in the workplace.

If you have any questions about Enterprise Week, check out our FAQs page.

What is Global Entrepreneurship week?

In 2008, Enterprise Week will be part of the first ever Global Entrepreneurship Week. It’s a worldwide celebration of enterprise, which aims to unleash young people’s enterprising ideas and address some of society’s biggest issues, from poverty reduction through to climate change. More than 70 countries are currently signed up to run their very own versions of Enterprise Week, all coming under the banner of Global Entrepreneurship Week!

As I said before, I believe that unless you have all day to watch what is going on or experience it first hand, you will quickly be lost in the energy and ideas whizzing about the place (through a groaning website). I will keep up through checking twitter every now and again, but what I am looking forward to is the output.

Please, Oli, bless us with brilliantly served up sectoral synopsis 🙂

Good luck everyone, and if you are involved, or can get involved, have a wonderful time and tell us all about it!