Hack day prizes – please stop

This may seem like a pointless post but I am so fed up of the increasingly insane monetary rewards being offered for hack days, that attract entrepreneurs not coders – usually entrepreneurs with an idea, an eye for the cash and a knackered coder in tow.

Over the last five years we have worked hard with the coding community, indeed we are a bit of *the* coding community, and the work has been to find and strike a balance between:

  • rewarding work done
  • creating value that can be realised and made useful
  • having a fun event
  • taking the p*ss
  • IP

We have found a solution that works right now, so feel free to hire us!, but I really think these insane massive prizes or ridiculous PR efforts hiring jumbo jets to fly hackers across the world are doing more damage than you can ever know.

I beg you to watch Daniel Pink’s Drive animation talk for the RSA, and please stop or you will destroy the one beautiful offering that over-worked geeks are giving to the world – their time. Please stop… and watch…