Seeking opinion on Twitter and Travel advice

I have recently had a conversation with the good people at the FCO about the travel advice service. This is just a discussion right now, hence me asking for some input. There is some appetite for ‘tweeting’ (updating you through Twitter) the latest status in each country covered. The idea being that you would follow (for example) and find out whether there are any updates that you need to be aware of in that area. These updates could also be streamed by travel websites and mobile services.

In theory this sounds good, but as you know I am not exactly an expert on Twitter (although I am using it more and more each day). I am pretty sure this would be good but I have some concerns about:

1. Customer reach

2. Cost

3. Security

4. Editorial input

5. Value add for the FCO

Many thanks to Paul Caplan (theinternationale) who has already suggested using a lexicon to manage the content being tweeted.

I would appreciate any further advice/suggestion on this particular one as I believe that it would provide a v useful service… but I could be wrong!

Disclaimer (one day I will write a post with no disclaimer): I am not personally making any money out of this, I will point the people I am in discussion with to this conversation in true SM style