Damn that blogger’s block – but here’s to the value of friends

I have been side-swiped by a debilitating, bibical-sized dollop of blogger’s block. By that I mean I am no longer inspired, or driven, to write something here that has any value for you. It is killing me, because I love writing, and I (sadly) somehow validate myself (think I have a brain) when I write something and you lot (a) read it (b) respond. Then I feel as if I have shared and perhaps helped/inspired/deluded/anything…

So I am stuck in this vacuum of consciousness, driving myself insane.

Being me, I keep nothing to myself and have bemoaned my state of mind with many a friend and colleague – those who blog and those who do not. Those who do not look slightly bemused and pat me on the back, or buy me a drink. Those who do, look at me in horror, and sympathise. (And then there is Tiff, who is always an inspiration and just makes me feel fabulous whatever I do… lovely lady that she is).

Most recently, today in fact, Beth Kanter – with whom I have been in an email discussion across the pond about bringing her brilliant mind here to help us in the public sector with effective online engagement using social media tools. She sent me the information on the Digital Media and Learning competition, for which I thanked her profusely as it meant I could write a post about something both useful and interesting to my fellow bloggers. (Of course I also moaned about my block).

Within minutes I received sympathy in buckets (email) and a link to her own post about this, with some brilliant and helpful links.

So, I am sharing that with you – and going for a run.