Rewired State: National Hack the Government Day

Some of you will already be aware of this, some won’t, but here is the url:

Anyway, we have now announced the date…

March 7th 2009

… and a venue:

The Guardian offices in King’s Cross

… and are busy getting in sponsors and ensuring that we get the right people there. If you want to take part in the action bit of the day then free up your entire Saturday, if you want to come along to the presentations afterwards to see what we got done, then this should kick off from about 6pm (you still need to register with us through the site though, as we are restricted in the number of people we can cram into the room). We will be a bit more organised about this soon and update you with the plan for the day so that you can work out when you should rock up – if at all!

If you are not based in the UK but want to run an event at the same time doing a similar thing, please send an email to

It is getting quite exciting now for everyone and we will keep you updated with developments as they happen.

I told you that there were exciting things happening this year 🙂