All hail, Jon Favreau

I am not going to bang on at all about the Obama election, everyone else seems to be doing a bloody good job. What I will do is bow deeply to the genius that is Jon Favreau – 27 year old speechwriter for the new President.

Stonking talent… here is the full transcript of the speech – imagine the beauty of sitting and penning these words.

As Oli Barrett observed yesterday, what is so different, so engaging about Obama is his ability to inspire. He has written books and writes his own speeches sometimes too – but I think Jon Favreau deserves a hat tip for the part he played in the success of this inspirational President.

Thursdays ROCK – but this Thursday was the best this year

If I was to pick a day out of this year that summed up me and what makes me happy – today would be it. Here’s what I did:

3.15am Shriek at daughter and daughter’s friends for still being awake and over-excited after watching High School Musical 3 (OK bad start)

6.15am Wake up and lie in bed considering how to get out of all today had in store – FAIL

8.30am Meet Michelle Acton-Bond for breakfast to talk about her work for Channel Four’s Battlefront on cyber-bullying. We talked about this, as well as personal stuff, mutual friends and general how-dos. As ever, it was delightful and a wonderful way to start any day: inspired.

9.30am Hit desk and email – happen to have a discussion with someone who has a desk close to mine who can help Michelle get to the relevant people in government who have cyber-bullying as part of their policy areas

*between* organise lunch for next week with two people I adore, and who happen to be available on the same day as each other, and me… bonus

11am Meet with someone with whom I have a difficult professional relationship to explain how I felt and how we might move forward. SUCCESS: WITHOUT SWEARING

Show off to boss

12pm Meet a bloke who’s company is potentially doing some critical web audit work for us: fully believe, after meeting, that the company can deliver

1pm Complete to do list: extraordinary achievement – done by plugging self into two computers and ipod

2pm Meet UKBA, UK Visas and Directgov to discuss the way forward for delivering online content for the overseas audience: potentially a very controversial meeting, but turned out fine

*between* secure the time of an editor I have been chasing for a while to work with us on the IPS content for Directgov (thanks Fran and Christi)

4.30pm Meet Ministry of Justice, Atul Sharda, to make sure that the two depts (HO and MOJ) are working in alignment for website rationalisation and general loveliness – we are! (Can this get any better?)

5.45pm Get to One Alfred Place early for Oli Barrett‘s networking event, meet Alice Sherwood from the KitCat Club – bore her silly with public sector news… pitch for place at the KitCat table (WIN)

6pm network network: how I missed this. Great people, sometimes inspiring, sometimes boring – but nothing is boring when you realise that Tom Steinberg from My Society has not met Robert Loch.

It is like bubble wrap, you think you have popped all the all there is to pop… then you find a couple more.

Ad Nauseum Post Script: yes I did do more than this today to earn my crust, but have chosen not to bore you with it…

Further blogging sin- updating after I have posted BUT – I do not include my family in my BEST THURSDAY EVER post… that is mine but it did end with reading Maximum Ride to my daughter before she slept

Oli is BACK!! Are you ready for Global Entrepreneurship Week?

Oli Barrett is back from a whistle-stop tour of the world, invigorating the great and the good with enthusiasm for Global Entrepreneurship week. (I am very proud and showy offy about knowing Oli). Here is his very entertaining blog about his trip

When is Global Entrepreneurship week?

November 17 – 23, 2008

What is Global Entrepreneurship week?

Countries all around the world are joining together to carry the banner of Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative aimed at young people everywhere. During the week of November 17 – 23, 2008, partner organizations will conduct a range of activities – from simple speeches to comprehensive competitions – designed to inspire, connect, inform, mentor and engage the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Week is a worldwide initiative that is linking all those willing to embrace it. Host organizations in each participating country are recruiting partners and coordinating related activities. The exact type of these activities, whether online or face-to-face, is limited only by the imaginations of the partners and the participants. And while a list of suggested activities such as invention competitions, entrepreneurship film festivals, networking events, school-based activities, and local entrepreneurship summits – will be available on the website, the actual activities conducted by partners will vary greatly.

What I think

I think that this is exciting, WAY too big for a website, even the static one now trying to explain what is planned is too big for me to comprehend. It is one of those ‘happenings’ that should just be ‘unleashed’ as they so rightly put it, and then people look at how to communicate what has been learned and what has come out of it.

I would like to see the output as streams of information aimed at global sectors: government, IT, entrepreneurs, private corporations, dog breeders… whatever; so that I can come back and choose a category that interests me, and then see what has happened, or been discussed – globally – within my area/s of interest. (I secretly really hope they do this :))

Anyhoo, if you want to get involved, do – otherwise, like me, let’s wait and see what happens.

Exciting stuff, not to be ignored.

Friday funnies – probably more amusing if you know Oli Barrett

Woke up this morning to a sea of fog, cold and feeling end-of-weeky. On Fridays I try to catch up with Oli’s speed networking around the globe – in preparation for Global Entrepreneurship Week – on his blog he posts videos and musings from his recent capers and it is fascinating and usually inspiring to read.

With this in mind I rather blearily watched and read through a few of his latest posts, then he did this to me.

Really pant-wettingly briliant way to start a Friday – shocking Spanish with terrribly English pronunciation and occasionally… er terribly English English. Oli does find it equally amusing and explains how come he happened to be in this position here.

Enjoy, happy weekends, all.

Emma the apologist

After having written about the tool kit we are preparing, I have gone horribly quiet, whilst many of you have been being deliciously helpful in the comments here.

Do not fret, I have not vanished off the face of the earth, I am making sure that I do not screw up the next step.

I will update this blog as I inch forward, but what has become clear is how much is being done by Steph Gray in DIUS – and I need to assimilate this, rather than dupe effort. (Proving harder to achieve in real life than you would think!) Steph and I run around each other in ever decreasing circles, so hopefully next week I will be at stage two.

Two things that bring me comfort:

1. Looking at where we are now and where we want to get to in departmental communication online; is the ‘stuff’ I am doing going to get us to where we want to be? Yes. (Phew)

2. The first step to take in collaborating in the social media space, is to listen. Oli Barrett showed me easily the simplest listening tool I have found to date: addictomatic. The only downside being that you can only listen to one ‘keyword’ at a time – good way to filter what you are really trying to achieve. So, you can either have many people listening, or you use a multiple listening tool like Pageflakes. Pageflakes requires a teensy amount of technical knowledge (to make it look good mainly) and I can recommend Dave Briggs as a good person to set one up for you in about… er half a day 🙂

So, I am getting there. It is complicated – by the day job as well as the wealth of information available.

Even better news is that Beth Kanter and I have touched base… I will keep you updated.

Next week I will also update my roll call, as I have recently received several formal complaints (sorry!)

Update sinning: sorry I do know the rules, but I have just realised that I posted without checking my reader first. Jeremy Gould has talked about both things I have mentioned here on his Whitehall Webby blog – h/t