Three most inspirational communicators

James Barbour, God bless the man, has tagged me to name my three most inspirational communicators – continuing the challenge laid down, very cleverly, by Andrew Wake of New Wave PR.

I hate things like this as it makes me very competitive, I want to name the cleverest ones, astound everyone with my brilliance and all that.

So, instead, I made a cup of tea and thought up the following:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sadly he does not have a blog, and if he did it would be musical manuscript therefore might not pass the accessibility standards of today. However, he is the only musician I can think of who consistently changes my emotional state after listening to him – therefore inspirational.

The people who write the slogans at the Puccino’s coffee outlet

Cheer me up every morning, even though I know them all off by heart. Occasionally they attempt the odd motivational slogan,  but more often than not, they are just brilliantly witty and make me laugh (and we all need a bit of that in our lives).

My friend Tiffany St James

She still has no blog despite my many and varied attempts to get her to share herself. She has two businesses: Stimulation Ltd and Inspiring Eve. She is an astoundingly good professional communicator, as I am sure anyone who knows her will concur. She inspires all of her friends, me included, and is the only person I know who fits the bill of inspirational communication. She rocks 🙂

So that is that, am off on the school run and commute, will delay the publishing of this for a few hours to see if I chicken out and want to be clever 🙂

Right… who gets the joy of doing this next?

Jenny Brown (who I know will be really clever)

Laura Whitehead (who will be fascinating)

Mark O’Neil (who will make me laugh out loud at his choices) And no you cannot nominate Boing Boing 🙂